Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get a tax-receipt for my donation?

The organization is incorporated as a non-profit society in British Columbia, Canada. We are in the process of applying for a registration number as a Canadian Charity. No receipts will be issued until such time as Charitable registration is obtained.

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How long should I stay?

Feel free to stay as long or little as your time allows. Just check with us to make sure we are not fully booked. Let us know how long you plan on coming and we will help you plan your time here.

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What other side trips can I while there in Kenya?

We can help you plan trips to the nearby game reserves to see the Big 5 animals, or to Mombassa to experience the beaches. Talk to us, we can help plan your trip.

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What specific skills are you looking for from me?

Tutoring skills in English, math, science and computers are highly valued. There are also opportunities to run a program at the Eco-Centre if you have skills in organic growing and farming.

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How much does it cost per day to stay in Kenya at the Eco-Centre?

The suggested donation is $35 USD per day including meals and accommodation.

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What do I bring for the children?

Light clothing, undergarments, (no jeans), and educational games are valued. For the older youth in university, re-furbished laptops are highly prized!

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How safe is it to travel to Kenya?

Please connect with us first before travelling to Kenya. One of our current Board Members is a professional travel consultant and she will advise you when you are planning to travel.

Overall it is very safe where we are in Meru and we arrange all your pick-ups to and from Nairobi.

There are certain precautionary things to be aware of in travelling to Africa. We will advise you of what they are before you depart Canada/USA for Kenya.

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How can I be certain that all the funds go to children/youth in Kenya?

The president and Founder, Mark Holland, is a Chartered Accountant with a public accounting business in Canada. He prepares all the reports, and has set up the bookkeeping system in Kenya for full visibility and transparency. Please email us for a copy of the current financial statements.

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Where does my money go?

100% of the funds you contribute to International Peace Initiatives goes to the children and youth leadership programs in Kenya.

There are no administrative costs to run the organization (a non-profit society incorporated in British Columbia, Canada), as everything is done on a volunteer basis.

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