Meet the Board

IPI Canada Board

Lawrence Pillon

I am a senior communications manager with BC Hydro, and have more than 30 years of experience in both the private and public sectors.  

I enjoy community service, reading, most sports, and my extended family.

I believe education and mentorship can change lives which is what International Peace Initiatives is all about. My friendship with Mark brought me to IPI. 

Yvonne Pelletier-Paul

My passion in life is to assist people to expand and grow within themselves so they can be the full expression of who they are in the world.

I am so blessed that one of the ways I get to fulfill on this passion is by connecting people with the world. As a professional travel designer for over 35 years I create Amazing holidays for people to explore the world which expand themselves, allows broader perspectives and fulfills their travel dreams. 

I love being of service!

Mark Holland

I am a professional Chartered Accountant and the Founder and President of ControllershipPLUS, one of Canada's leading online Outsourced accounting service providers.

I am passionate about uplifting people to greatness and empowering them to live a life of leadership and service for others.

Transformational education that causes breakthrough results in people's lives is a particular focus and passion - seeing people move to new levels of freedom and greatness is so inspiring.

Working with children and empowering them to greatness is why we found IPI Kenya and started International Peace Initiatives Canada in order to support the extraordinary work being done here in Kenya.


Josanne Holland

I have been leading workshops and Seminars in the area of spiritual growth and development for the last 10 years. I am passionate about our God given gifts shining brightly and purposefully in everyone. 

So my passion for this Peace initiative is an outflow of that same dream.  There is nothing more joyful than seeing that fire ignite in the eyes of a child or adult who up to then were resigned about their life circumstances.

Please come and visit Kenya with us. Where you transform in the company of children ready to take every opportunity offered to them!