Our Story

The need in Africa to support children without parents, women who have been marginalized and youth without hope for a bright future is almost overwhelming.  Consider:

  • Almost 40% of the entire population of Kenya is under the age of 14 years old. Due to a wide gap between those who are rich and those who are poor in Africa, many of these children live in dire poverty, often on the streets or in slums with no access to clean water, food, shelter, or education.
  • Women are often marginalized for various reasons, including cultural, health, or lack of property rights within their families. We have observed that when a woman in East Africa is inflicted with HIV/AIDS she is often shunned and ends up on the streets trying to support herself and her children.
  • Many youth are unemployed or under-employed, but yet are hungry to learn as they value education. They also work hard and have a deep desire to give back to their communities.

We saw that despite the extreme difficulties that children and women face daily in Africa, they are filled with a resilient love, hope and joy in living. They respond very quickly to any support given with gratitude, joy, and love. The kids really value education, will run to be on time for school at 7am and stay late after classes to study.

The Founders of IPI Canada worked with various Canadian charities in Kenya, Africa and, as well, did extensive research into charities and other non-governmental organizations on a global basis. What we discovered was that while many charities might be engaged in the provision of food, shelter and basic education for children, they did not focus on providing – holistically – support for the community in which these children lived. Nor did these charities provide leadership education which might enable these same children to assist in the transformation of their own communities.  We sought to fill this gap.

Rather than creating another orphanage, however, we made the decision to support an existing orphanage, known as the Kithoka Amani Children’s Home (the “Children’s Home”), which was being largely operated by an individual by the name of Dr. Karambu Ringera, a world leader who is highly educated and who runs her life and organization with impeccable integrity and high ethics.  Dr. Ringera, the founder of International Peace Initiatives (Kenya) (“IPI Kenya”) (a not-for-profit organization registered as an international non-governmental organization in Kenya) had created results with the children in the Children’s Home unlike anything we had seen elsewhere in Africa.

Despite not having parents and, in many cases, having suffered physical and sexual abuse, the children were self-aware, with high self-esteem, and were filled with love and joy, and generosity. Young people who had grown up in the Children’s Home were leaders in the community, committed to staying in Kenya and giving back.

In recognition of the fact that leaders like Dr. Karambu Ringera are very rare in Africa and that IPI Kenya had already established a solid infrastructure in Kenya that was being operated with so much integrity and creating such outstanding results, we opted to appoint IPI Kenya as our Agent on-the-ground, to pursue our joint mission of:

  • Supporting children’s homes in Africa where young children without parents (or one parent who is living in poverty) can experience a safe, loving, healthy home and get a good education within the local community; and
  • Providing a place where women and youth can be given specific technical skills training, leadership training, and fundamental business skills training that will support them become self-sustaining and impact the larger community in long lasting ways.

Our Vision over the next 3 years is to expand from the primary location of the Children’s Home in Kithoka, Meru County, Kenya to at least three new locations in East Africa where the Applicant’s model of expanded community service (beyond serving the orphaned children solely) can start to have a larger ripple effect for the African people and even the larger world.

We are a separate legal entity in Canada, incorporated as a Society under the Societies Act of British Columbia. We are not as at this time a registered Canadian Charity, thus we DO NOT issue tax receipts.

Some funding for the Kithoka Amani Children’s Home is being provided by a USA based registered charity under section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. They are independent from our Canadian organization and there are no over-lapping Directors.

No funds are ever transferred directly to the USA Charity. Our working relationship is directly with IPI Kenya.

Donations to the Canadian organization will used to expand the Children’s Home so that we can support more children, in addition to more women’s programs, and leadership training for youth.